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Edwards Plateau is the home of Bandera County, Texas. The County seat is also named Bandera both of which are named for the Bandera Pass.  On an Official status, Bandera County is recognized by the Texas Legislature as the “Cowboy Capital of the World”.  Communities within the county include the county seat of Bandera, Lake Medina Shores, (a section of which is in Medina County), and the largest community of Lakehills.  The unincorporated communities include Bandera Falls, Medina, Pipe Creek, Tarpley, and Vanderpool. The population of the county is just over 20, 400, as of nov. 2017 statistics.

The city of Bandera has become known for its’ dude Ranches. Ranches that play the role of showing and teaching one, through hands-on, what it means to be a cowboy.  Trail rides of horseback riding and chuck wagon eatery are part of the experience.  The Mayan Dude Ranch and  Rancho Cortez are top-ranked for the unique and authentic dude ranch experiences.  From cowboy fitness to cattle roundups,  learning to lasso,  or hayrides, and barbecues.  All of these activities and so much more is available.  There are also specialty ranches for more unique preferences.  Those looking for nature trails, hikes, wildlife viewing, will find no shortage of available guest ranches.  7 Canyons Ranch is one of these.  The main lodge is over 4000 square feet.  There is a caterers kitchen and dining hall as well, located in different facility buildings. The grounds include exotic animals, not indigenous to the area.  Dahl Sheep, red deer, and antelope are just a few species that may be seen here.  For those wanting to test what you’ve learned, you may test your skills during the Wild Hog Catch.

Ones looking for a way to just relax the day away may enjoy a visit to the Bandera Natural History Museum.  They have taken the likes of Jurassic to a whole different kind of level.   Lifesize dinosaurs models and ice age animals are part of their agenda. Artist, Jose Edid, designed the extinct models.  Jurassic Park and Night at the Museum, were 2 other projects he was a part of.  If you are looking to enjoy a jaunt through history about cowboys and ranching (after all, this is Texas!).

The Frontier Times Museum in Bandera is the place to see.  This year they celebrate their 85th year!  Opening in 1933 originally. Located on 13th street in Bandera they are just a block north of the courthouse.  The museum was built specifically for the private collection of Bandera resident J.Marvin Hunter Sr. He lived his life in “the old west”, and his collection very much showed this.  He was also a Journalist and founder of the Magazine ‘The Frontier Times‘. The museum houses many photographs and antiquities of the frontier times, along with many game mounts along its’ stone walls.

Western Trail Heritage Park is located just across the street from the Bandera courthouse.  This is a great rest stop, to just take a walk through if you enjoy history.  There are benches to relax, public restrooms, and lots of history about the Texas Cattle drives and Trails.

The Bandera Canyonlands include 53,000 acres of land, with elevations of 1,600 feet to upwards of 2,300 feet above sea level.  Bandera County is filled with gorgeous majestic views.   The county has many rivers, creeks, and streams that flow through, intertwine, and combine.  The main themes of use of lands within the county are for agricultural and /or recreational uses.  Many of the ranchlands are now a source of income for tourism-nature type event uses.  From dude ranching to wildlife viewing, or leasing the lands for hunting.  There are available properties, open lands of hundreds of acres,  to working farms, and ranches all set up and ready for new ownership.  Many sit along the banks of scenic rivers.  Some include numerous natural springs.  Here in Bandera County, the cowboy/cowgirl life is just waiting for those who choose it, to grab ahold and take a ride.  The areas of Bandera are definitely worth the stop to see, visit, or even stay.  This is a little part of the Old West of the US, that everyone should take a little time to see, or even become a part of.  Breathtaking adventures await.

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